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WHMCS Price Increase, Now What?

As many have probably heard, WHMCS has decided to increase their pricing. Owned licenses are losing support and large providers will face up to an 8000% price increase, come their next billing cycle.

So, the question is, now what? Most of us have heard of Blesta, Clientexec, and other alternatives, but are they any good?

In my personal experience, the short answer is yes. I have been using Blesta for some time now and find it just as intuitive as WHMCS. For basic uses, Blesta fairs just fine with (practically) built-in support for Stripe, PayPal, and Square gateways; DirectAdmin, SolasVM, WHM/cPanel modules, plenty more of both, along with its selection of plugins.

Of course, these billing platforms may still be more immature in regards to third-party support, if you’re a beginner in need of an integrated theme for one of these pieces of software, your options are very limited. Things like reseller modules are also paid or in short supply as another example. However, these niche absences should not ruin WHMCS alternatives for anyone.

While Clientexec and Blesta could be considered mid-range pieces of software, there’s also HostBill on the high end and BoxBilling on the low. HostBill may be good for those who can afford it, its main advantage is a massive library of gateways, modules, and templates right out-of-the-box. However, only owned licenses are available. These are already more expensive than all alternatives, and HostBill’s track record of conducting sudden price increases means that these will continue to go up.

On the other hand, BoxBilling is quite limited in its features. The price makes it the cheapest I have mentioned, but overall I would not recommend it.


To conclude, there are plenty of alternatives to WHMCS out there with much cheaper pricing. Given the massive upcoming price increase for WHMCS, there’s less reasons not to switch over to these alternatives.

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